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    The Prime Minister and Foreign Minister are also the first two big men. In recent years, the relationship between Japan and the Soviet Union has not been very good, even mutual defense but not bad, especially after the outbreak of World War II, Japan many times sent troops from Guangzhou. Eastern troops to the Soviet Union. The Pacific battlefield, and the Soviet Union were always open, turning a blind eye, Japan also turned a blind eye to the behavior of American cargo ships crossing the Japan Strait to deliver a large amount of supplies to Vladivostok for the Red Soviet troops - of course, it was different after Pearl Harbor. The relationship between Japan and the Soviet Union is very ambiguous, neither an enemy nor a friend, this relationship is good for everyone, to maintain this relationship, the price Japan has to pay is really not small. .

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    Not only were the Soviets happy, but the Chinese were happy too — among them, the 21st century profiteers were the happiest. It's impossible, China's production capacity of light industrial products and non-essential food products is seriously redundant, competition is extremely fierce, everyone is trying their best to compete every point of increase. sales manager, clothing, daily staple food, dairy products...everything is like that. Now suddenly there appears a guy with a terrible appetite, no matter what happens, he will offer a lower price and still make a profit, buying and buying like crazy, I wish we could move the factory together, I'm going, Such customers must be caught, otherwise how can they survive!

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