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    But both husband and wife paid attention to Chi Ningbao without blinking, how could they miss this sentence, and they were so moved that they were speechless.

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    So what if he endured so many years of suffering and hunger and thirst for thousands of days and nights? Why didn't anyone care about him?

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    "I'm also confident, but I'm preparing to prevent lycanthropy." Dagon said, “Anders, you in charge of supervising the soldiers before fighting must wear gloves, wrist guards and leggings, even if the sun shines directly on your head, and your hands and feet must not be exposed. outside, see if the materials have enough canvas, can be made into a scarf to cover the face, cover the nose and mouth."

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    “Pay attention to the posture of carrying the musket, remind each other.” Tohens walked back and forth in front of the ranks, observing the state of the soldiers. He had confidence in the soldiers' training level, but everyone had not experienced actual combat, and they would always feel nervous for the first time, so paying more attention could make him feel more comfortable. more comfortable.

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    That night, all the priests above the bishop of the Ori Faith received a direct decree during prayer: Dagon Olisen, to my prophet and apprentice, to the archbishop of the temple, for the seekers, the progressives and the teachers, the above . Their first reaction after praying was: Who is Dagon Olison? Never heard that name.

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    Luo Qi really wanted to take back what he said before, he was so stupid, how could it not be sold out, and he had to start preparing for the second pot later!

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    Those are orchids.

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    Let's leave the things here. I'll go around the city to see if anyone is injured. If we save one, that's one. said to Xi Luoai: "You should put on your cloak first, anyway, the surrounding buildings are not stable. In case there are falling rocks and broken bricks, I can help you block it. I'll look around for a bit and then go investigate." control." room to find you. The control room is the room where you fight against the fire, right Bar?"

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    “Everyone swore on your father's grave,” Saree said, “They won't…”

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    There was nothing unexpected going on in the village, there were only so many people in the village, suddenly an unfamiliar face appeared, it was easy to be detected.

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    Ninh Ninh, tell me how you got off the carriage yesterday, okay?

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    He still wants to eat one, but he wants to taste them all, in many colors!

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    Today's dealer will definitely have a sleepless night, and no one can sleep.

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    Trang Thai is young, normally looks cold, but is actually more emotional than anyone else. Looking at the two sisters kneeling, she knew it was a big deal but her eyes were red.

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    How much? Chi Ningbao was not very clear, and turned to Zhuang Nanxing for help.

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    Dagon calmed down, clutched his headhunting ax with both hands and pointed the spear at Levanko. He cannot lose this battle, because the Golden Hammer Army will not let him, "witness to Ganlauda's death", survive. Although exile was a more severe punishment than beheading, Dagon probably did not have the opportunity to live in exile.

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    Trang Nam Tinh sat next to him. After wiping his hair so it wouldn't drip, she pointed to the first word and said: "This is day, day, day and night, tomorrow."

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    He doesn't want to break up with his family, but he also has his own goals. Even if he can't have both for the time being, it's okay. He will work hard to find fame and fortune to find them. .

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    Trang Nam Hanh also found it funny and opened his mouth to ask: "Is Ninh Ninh sleeping? So where should I go?"

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    Tri Ninh Bao couldn't wait to run back to his room. He had a tent that he could put down at night when he went to sleep.

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    Chi Ningbao initially closed his mouth tightly, only a choked moan came from his throat. Zhuang Nanxing seemed to be playing tricks, and he tried harder and harder.

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    “I'm not going, I'm not going anywhere, I'm just relying on my brother.” Tri Ninh Bao hugged Trang Nam Hanh tightly, her cheek pressed against his cheek.

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    His originally cold and indifferent personality suddenly became cruel and irritable. Trang Bach trembled in fear, but still moved a little closer to Tu Nhan.

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    I won't go, I'll let them build a nest!

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    “It hurts so much, it's such a pity.” Tich Lac looked outside. When the city was turned upside down, many things fell in a long, cascading streak. Xi Luoai saw a large umbrella flying leisurely away. He didn't know whose it was or who could be so lucky. She is sitting at the door, just step out, the sky is below. At this time, she tried to gather mana to form a spell, but was unsurprisingly broken by the elemental surge.